Low Back Pain

We use unique methods to help with lower back pain. One of these methods is called Gonstead. It is a way of adjusting the spine that is very gentle under skilled hands and can result in significant reduction of pain. Low back pain occurs a lot to people in Camarillo CA. There are various causes of low back pain. Some people are more likely to develop back pain and injury than others.  Some people incur low back pain from doing seemingly nothing; a simple twist or turn the wrong way in bed, for example. Often, low back pain is caused from a vertebra that got out of alignment. Other forms of low back pain are caused from injury during sports activities, car accidents, or on the job. We work with local OB/GYN's to help you with pregnancy-related back pain. This is common and it best treated by special chiropractic methods.

Low back pain injuries can be sustained on any number of structures in the spine. It is important to know which structure of the body is causing the back pain so that appropriate treatment can be applied. Compensation reactions to back pain can occur and cause other areas of the back to hurt.

Here in Camarillo, we use the best chiropractic methods such as spinal adjustments, rehabilitation, Graston Technique, Class IV Laser Therapy, and deep tissue massage to help those that suffer from low back pain.  Seldom is surgery necessary. Find out why we've been voted "Best Chiropractor in Camarillo."

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