Herniated Disc

Disc in spineMany people in Camarillo, CA are familiar with the terms "slipped disc" and "herniated disc." Without discs, our vertebrae would grind against each other and our spines would collapse under the strain.

A whole host of things can go wrong with a vertebral disc over a lifetime. Here in Camarillo, CA people develop a disc herniation from a traumatic injury such as a fall or a car accident. An excessive pulling or lifting accident at home or on the job can also force a disc herniation. And for some of us, simply getting older can cause a disc herniation. This can lead to degenerative disc disease.


Vertebral discs are the shock absorbers that are found between vertebral bodies. Each disc is essentially sandwiched between two vertebrae supported by ligaments. Composed of collagen, discs have a tough outer core and a soft inner core. When you are born, these discs are mostly water. As you get older, the discs slowly lose their water content and get harder. As they dehydrate over time, your discs provide less of that soft and cushy support they provided when they were new. Because they have no blood supply and few nerve endings, discs are unable to repair themselves. Disc herniations occur when the inner core of the discs leak proteins that can inflame the nerve roots.


Disc hernations are one type of disc problem. There are many types of herniated discs as well as disc degeneration. Here in Camarillo, CA, we are a chiropractic office that can help the painyou experience from a herniated disc as  well as disc degeneration. We have found that the best chiropractic approach is with adjustments, exercises, class IV laser therapy and other forms of therapies. Find out why we've been voted "Best Chiropractor in Camarillo."

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