Your First Visit

In our chiropractic clinic, the first visit is much like a standard medical visit. We will sit down with you and ask you about your symptoms and why you are seeking our help. Once we fully understand your condition, we will use standard examination procedures such as looking at your posture, how well you can move your joints, the feel of your muscles, and some neurological and muscular tests. 

The difference in chiropractic is that we will be focusing on specific joint movements that your primary care or orthopedic doctor may not have examined for. In particular, joint play motion is the primary motion that must be present for normal global motion to exist. By specirically examing for this joint motion, we will be able to tell you if chiropractic might benefit you. 

Essentially, if the this joint play is normal, then you will not benefit from an adjustment. If it is abnormal, then you will likely benefit from an adjustment. Our aim is to find this our so that we are not wasting your or our time "spinning our wheels." 

If x-rays, MRI's or CT scans are necessary, we will refer you for those services. Be aware that we will only refer you for those services if you absolutely need them. We have no financial contracts with the diagnostic facilities. Less than 10% patients need these services. 

Typically, if we can help a patient, we will begin therapy that day. We often provide an explanation of your condition, what you can do for yourself to get better and a game plan to improve. 

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