Dusty Rodrigo
2 years ago
Great guy, I always feel a lot better after seeing Dr. Story. He actually knows what he's doing. He also is very good at diagnosing the problem and actually treating problems even if their complicated. Even if you have an uncurable issue it'll still be total worth seeing him. Would you rather have pain? or not very much pain? I have a complicated issue with my spine because of a crazy medical history but in comparison to being doped on drugs all the time to not taking anything and only experiencing pain here and there. Its totally worth seeing him.
Bikeparts M
2 years ago
Dr. Story has done a great job helping relieve my chronic lower back pain. He found causal issues that other doctors had ignored years ago.

He showed me great exercises to help strengthen my back, and pointed out exercises, stretches, and form mistakes to avoid.

It's nice to go to someone who is interested in helping fix you, rather than just a crack and off you go. Dr. Story shows a genuine interest in his field, and as a sports enthusiast, he's able to provide advice that I can appreciate.

Highly recommended!
Ashlie Richardson
9 months ago
Very knowledgeable, takes time to listen to patients, and helps them get better.
Roseanna Bellino-strickland
3 years ago
Dr. Story is an excellent chiropractor. He educates as well as cares for you. In the 16 years of shoulder problems, he is the first professional to make real strides in improving my shoulder. I am an exerciser and we discuss the best exercises for my condition as well as the least harmful. He is friendly and so is his staff.
josephine c
2 years ago
I came to Dr. Story nearly 2 years ago, as a new runner with a new runner's injury. After my initial visit, I was very satisfied with his willingness to explain my injury as it related to my body mechanics and structure, the treatment I received to aid in the healing of my injury, and the information and suggestions he provided as to how to stay injury free in the future. I come to the office for "maintenance" and for aches and pains that I have encountered as a runner. I am extremely satisfied with the treatment I have received. I highly recommend a visit to Dr. Story's office.
S Aguirre
2 years ago
I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Story through the recommendation of my pilates instructor. I was having some very painful back issues that can’t be 100% cured, but Dr. Story has been able to lessen the pain a great deal by helping me strengthen my spine and by working on and realigning other parts of my body that have affected my back issues. Dr. Story has a way of explaining what is going on and how it can be dealt with in terms I can understand. He’s also been really great at teaching me how to exercise the right way. I truly appreciate all the time and attention he provides – he never rushes, and he is very organized. His receptionist, Laura, is wonderful as well!
Frederick White
a year ago
Dr. Story has helped move more freely. Hitting the golf ball longer. Provide exercises to improve overall well being.