Krystle Kageyama
a year ago
I started seeing different chiropractors years ago and Dr. Story is one of the best ones you will find. Being a certified personal trainer/health and wellness coach, I believe that seeing a chiropractor is healthy for the body. It has been about three months since my first visit and I can now say that I have been running without any knee pain for the past month. In a recent Spartan race, I completed over 20 obstacles and managed to injure my shoulder. After one visit, my shoulder feels so much better that I feel like I can start doing pull-ups again. Keep in mind that every body and injury is different, so it may take more than one visit. I participate in triathlons and obstacle races, so I have many different issues from years ago and a few recent ones. I will continue to go to Dr. Story... He is honest with you and will tell you if he can help. His care ranges from different pains throughout the body such as neck, shoulder, and knee. He will recommend how often care is needed. Some may need to go more than weekly while others may need to go less.
Howard Walther
a year ago
I went to Dr. Story due to pain in my right shoulder area of my back. After talking about how it
hurt and a brief exam Dr. Story told me what it was and how we were going to fix it.
After the first treatment I could take a deep breath and move to the left without pain. It had been
awhile since I could do that. I went every other day for one week, then once a week for a week and
have been pain feel. I will see Dr. Story in one month from my last treatment to see how it is holding
up. Have felt better and moving without pain since I was recommended to Dr. Story.

I recommend Dr. Story to anyone who is in pain! He explains why you have the pain and what he
can do for you.
Kay Anderson
a year ago
I have been a patient of Dr. Story for over ten years. I first came to him in excruciating groin, hip and back pain. No other doctors (medical or chiropractic) had been able to help me. After two visits, most of the pain was gone. He is so knowledgeable and really takes the time to figure out how to help his patients. Over the years, I've had numerous problems and he always has been there to help me & relieve the pain. He is so caring and always fully explains what the problem is and how you can also help yourself. I still call him my "miracle doctor" and highly recommend him.
Jayme Stiles
2 years ago
Dr. Story is a knowledgeable and very thorough chiropractor. I started going to him when I was 8 months pregnant with my second baby. He did help me to get relief from many of the aches of pregnancy. Regular chiropractic visits with him helped my hips to be aligned correctly so that baby was in optimal position for birth. I attribute much of the ease of this birth to the through chiropractic care I received from him. He takes his time with each patient and I would highly recommend him.
Stacey W
a year ago
I've been a patient of Dr. Story's for about three years, having initially sought treatment for acute pain due to a sprained ligament in my lower back.

Upon our first meeting, during which time Dr. Story conducted a thorough examination to determine the cause of my problem, I found him to be very professional and somewhat reserved.

It was clear that he was absolutely intent on fixing, or at least significantly improving, my lower-back issue and relieving me of what was truly debilitating pain. His attitude gave me confidence that I was indeed “fixable” and that I wouldn’t spend the rest of my life in agony.

I quickly became a regular patient and initially visited the office about three times a week. Throughout my treatment, Dr. Story constantly chased measurable results, which demonstrated that he was focused on making a real difference.

If it seemed that progress wasn’t being made, or being made fast enough, Dr. Story seemed legitimately frustrated. It was obvious that he expected results and would change his approach if he felt he wasn’t getting them.

As time went on, Dr. Story did successfully treat my back pain, along with a host of existing issues or injuries that cropped up along the way.

Always pragmatic in his approach and willing to invest time in explaining the anatomy of a physical problem, Dr. Story ultimately became less reserved and was very much a joy to work with.

Engaging, smart, funny and insightful, I felt that Dr. Story’s input helped me in several areas of my life, not just my physical challenges.

Let’s face it: If you need to see a doctor more than once a year, no one wants to return to an office that they hate visiting. No one will continue to regularly see a doctor who doesn’t legitimately help them to feel better, and to whom they don’t genuinely want to talk. Enough said.

When an injury involving torn muscles made my life a temporary living hell, Dr. Story was there to put me back together. I do not know what I would have done without him, and I never considered going to anyone else.

Dr. Story’s treatment exceeded my expectations. He helped me design workouts that worked for me, set me straight about fad cardio workout videos, and made me laugh when my back made me want to cry.

I have recommended and will continue to recommend Dr. Story to anyone in need of a great chiropractor.

It also doesn’t hurt that his receptionists are always friendly and easy to deal with, or that there is never a wait. If you visit Dr. Story, you will be glad you did.
Anthony Migler
a year ago
I started seeing Dr. Story almost 3 years ago for a very painful, difficult shoulder problem. Even though it seemed hopeless, Dr. Story always showed a genuine interest, offered encouraging words and gentle care to help me feel better. He recommended an MRI which led to the diagnosis (hemangioma of my suprascapular nerve), surgical treatment and recovery of my problem. I'm grateful for his great care, very positive attitude, kindness and taking the time the time to explain problems thoroughly. Regular adjustments of my upper back and neck continue to help me feel even better. Laura, his receptionist, is very friendly and does a terrific job, too. I highly recommend Dr. Story!
Jerry Baldonado
a year ago
After enduring a lot of on and off again lower back pain I decided to seek out a good chiropractor. After visiting a few other chiropractors in town I found Dr Story. He has a straight to the point approach which I personally respect. He evaluated my condition, did some adjustments and gave exercises to do on a daily basis. With every visit my pain was less and less, it has been 6 about months or more since my first appointment and now I am pain free. He knows what he is doing and you must follow his advise. Do your body a favor, if you are thinking about going to a chiropractor make an appointment with Dr Story, you will not be disappointed.

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