Gary Schwartz
9 months ago
First of all I really like the office vibe at Dr. Story's. Quite professional and clear as to what the mission and treatment plan is going to be. Dr. Story has an awesome approach and technique. I have had lower back, hip and neck pain for quite some time and am very happy that I found Dr. Story.
5 months ago
Excellent chiropractor who is extremely knowledgable about a wide array of physical conditions and issues, including those not directly related to chiropractic. Uses advanced laser technology in conjunction with manual and mechanical adjustments to ensure pain-free and inflammation-free healing. From general back pain, to TMJ and jaw disorders, to more complex auto-immune issues, Dr. Story will improve your quality of life immensely with his chiropractic work. Highly recommended.
Response from the owner4 months ago
Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you're feeling better!!
Jennifer Novak
10 months ago
Before my trip to Europe I hurt my lower back. I went to Dr. Story before I left and because of his treatments I was able to walk around london and paris. Even bike around the streets of paris!
Thank you Dr. Story you are awesome!
Guero Latino
6 months ago
I have been treated by Dr Story for about 3 months due to a shoulder injury. I couldn't even raise my arm or twist it not even to reach my back pocket but since the first visit I been improving week by week and I'm almost ready to use my arm about 60%. Before it was impossible to move it without pain.
Dr Story is very professional in every way I highly recommend him

Response from the owner4 months ago
Yeah, I know it...when you can't use your arm, it's awful. We'll do everything we can to help you!!
Deysi Zendejas
6 months ago
I started seeing Dr. Story, unable to work out because I was in pain. Since seeing him, I have made great improvements. I will definitely recommend him to friends and family.
Kate Faulkner
a year ago
I can highly recommend Dr. Story. He was able to relieve my lower back and leg pain over the course of approximately 10 visits.

I thought that I had "diagnosed" the causes of my pain issues. However, he explained that the source of pain is sometimes different than where the pain is actually felt. My scepticism disappeared as I saw that his treatments were making a positive difference.

What I most appreciated was the exercises that he gave me to improve the strength and endurance of select muscle groups. Now I feel that I know better how to keep myself healthy.
Jacqueline Francis
a year ago
I drive from Ojai to see Dr. Story because he is the best. I had a literal "pain in the butt" for months especially after driving for more than an hour. I called and asked if he could help with this kind of pain. Yes indeed. Dr. Story evaluated my hips and found an imbalance. He patiently explained my problem -- a specific nerve deep inside the muscle. In just a few treatments of using various, state-of-the-art equipment and devices, the pain gradually diminished. Then one day I realized it was completely gone. Thank you, Dr. Story.
Kurt Danielson
a year ago
Myself and my husband have been seeing Dr. Story on and off for about 9 years. He is quite simply " on top of his game". Current and passionate about his practice. We appreciate his level of knowledge and education we have received for example on pressure point therapies we can do at home

Most recently he has treated me as a part of rehab for a broken foot. Who knew you could adjust a foot! Immediate relief from pain and improved strength in the foot without pain meds, surgery: Amazing !

Sandy Danielson
Collin Kapigian
9 months ago
Very helpful, knowledgable and experienced. Was able to relieve my back pain, and gave me tools to help promote the health of my back.

Only down side would be for patients who have never been to a chiropractor before. Only because he does not have an X-Ray machine, which in some circumstances it would be necessary.
Wade Mergenthal
a year ago
I came to Dr. Story with a sharp knee pain, most likely due to 30+ years of running. I have been skeptical of chiropractors, but since he had helped my wife so much I decided to give it a try before going to an orthopedist. I am so glad I did! Dr. Story was very up front about what he could do, and I was encouraged to hear that he would not hesitate to refer me to a surgeon if that proved necessary.

Thankfully, it wasn’t necessary. He prescribed an MRI, which showed a small meniscus tear. Treatments started at three office visits per week along with exercises to do at home – a very comprehensive approach. He also urged me to take up cycling, which I did and now enjoy very much. Dr. Story made the effort to build rapport with me, which I appreciate.

Over several months office visits declined to one every two weeks, at which point he said we’re done. Besides the pain being gone, it was a relief to not be pulled into an indefinite regime of office visits. I can now run without that sharp pain! I have also gained an additional activity (cycling) which I am enjoying a lot. All in all, a very good experience, much better than I was anticipating. I would highly recommend Dr. Story.
Michael Tellez
a year ago
Dr. Story is the best! I have been going to him for over 10 years now and I could not imagine going to anyone else. I used to suffer from chronic back pain but after several sessions my back pain has virtually disappeared. He is definitely a miracle doctor and has saved me from excruciating pain on more than one occasion from back strains caused by my job.

I should also mention that he is definitely a sports enthusiasts friend. He has treated my children for injuries related to football and gymnastics. He has also treated my son for migraine headaches! Please give Dr. Story a try...you'll be glad you did.
Elliott Ripley
a year ago
Good, honest chiropractor. Here's why I think honesty is important: I've been to three different chiropractors for various sports injuries and the like, and I sometimes come away with the feeling that chiropractors sometimes "over-sell" their practice just to keep you coming back. Dr. Story does not give off this vibe at all. Rather, I genuinely think he has my recovery in mind more than anything else. For example, he told me to start coming half as often, from weekly to biweekly, once I started showing signs of improvement. He also emphasizes the importance of muscle strengthening, stretching, and other simple lifestyle that have helped out a lot. In short, he's the best chiropractor I've been to, and his office manager at the front desk is really helpful as well.
Charlene Patt
a year ago
I started seeing Dr. Story for neck and upper back pain about three months ago. At first I went three times a week and although there was definite improvement in one particular spot, I still was in pain and had considerably restricted range of motion when it came to turning my head to the left. I was beginning to be worried about driving and being able to look over my shoulder. I'm so glad Dr. Story didn't give up on me and tell me I couldn't expect to get much better because of my age and the fact that the pain is at least partially due to arthritis. He decided to change his treatment approach, and although the treatment was fairly painful, there was an immediate positive effect.

I am now seeing Dr. Story every other week. I have no pain in my upper back, considerably less pain in my neck and greatly increased range of motion. Dr. Story seemed eager to see improvement and not interested in having me see him endlessly, which has been my experience with some chiropractors in the past. At this point I will be happy to see him every other week for the rest of my life if necessary in order to maintain the improvements he has achieved!
Dennis Andress
a year ago
An old injury left my lower back stiff and sore. Over the years, other chiropractors had been unable to provide any real improvement. Dr. Story described what was wrong, and worked on one area of my back at a time. it's nice to have my moving freely again!

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