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Here is our most recent video describing how you can help your own neck pain. "Decompression" is a hot topic in the medical world and all it means is that you'll feel less pressure. So here in Camarillo, CA I have been a chiropractor for over 20 years and when a person says that they want "decompression" on their neck, they really mean that they want to have less pain in their neck. 

In this video, I show you exactly what you need to do yourself to achieve this.


Yesterday was one of my favorite races, Tour of Flanders. Afterwards, my brain started working and I thought, "how does any cyclist do this without the help of a chiropractor?"

The answer is that they don't.

In fact, they have teams of doctors that help them. While chiropractic is primarily an American "thang" meaning that the majority of chiropractors are in America, there are chiropractors all over the world. There are still countries that are discovering this profession and still unsure about the benefits. Time will change that.

Watching Peter Sagan land on the cobblestones at full gas was a sight. This happens at EVERY race. Amazing.

I remember as a child racing BMX and crashing WEEKLY. It kind of became no big thing. I remember someone telling me that if you don't crash once in a while while going into a turn, then you're not pushing the limits hard enough. That's how you learned the went over them so that next time you knew to back off. I was a continously healing road (dirt) rash from 10-15 years old.

As a chiropractor that treats sports injuries though...that sounds insane to me...but I understand it.

Maybe that's what made me become a chiropractor. By the time I was 15, I was damaged goods. Chiropractic put me back together again and I felt like I was as good as new (that's the advantage of treating young people).

Anyways, I'm hoping Peter Sagan wins next week at Paris-Roubaix as revenge. Actually, I really hope Tom wins and Peter gets second, but then eats a bunch of gummy bears to make all the nutritionists mad.

March 29, 2017
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Lower back pain is a major problem in Camarillo. I've been a chiropractor for over 20 years and "the more things change, the more they stay the same."

Myself included, we've all got to do certain things to avoid lower back pain. To me, chiropractic is like'll use it now or need it later. Exercises for lower back pain are important. Five minutes a day of some bird dog exercises, planks, side planks and bridges is really all the average person needs. If you are an athlete, maybe more than that, but I think you would agree that we all should be spending five minutes a day on taking care of our teeth...why not our spine?

We have great teeth and terrible spines.


We've spent a lifetime going to the dentist and twice daily we do something for our teeth (brushing, floosing, etc). 

For those that make an appointment, we will always try to show you how to take care of yourself, but you must meet us halfway and do it. About 60-70% of people never follow through. That accounts for a high failure rate. Lower back pain if not handled properly gets worse and often people end up having surgery. 

I have had lower back pain myself and found ways to get better. Just because I'm a chiropractor myself doesn't mean that I'm immune to the human condition. 

I've been a chiropractor in Camarillo, CA for over 20 years, so you can say that I've seen a thing or two. The most common misconception about back pain is that back pain is a disease. It's not and not all back pain can be treated the same. Back pain can be caused from facet impingement, ligament damage, muscle spasms, disc herniations, internal disc derangements, disc degeneration and sacroiliac joint dysfunctions. That's the short list by the way. 

How I helped myself is by doing two things. The first is that I get adjusted about once a month. I find that a specific adjustment at L5 with Gonstead methods works best for me. I have found that the Gonstead adjustment is the best adjustment for me at that level. My body does not respond well to generalized manipulations that some people do. Interestingly, physical therapists are trying to learn how to do this and I find their generalized manipulations don't work for me. 

The Gonstead adjustments create motion in the joints that allows me to benefit from the second procedure. 

The second procedure is a series of exercises. These are the abdominal stabilization, side plank, front plank and bird dog exercise. It takes me less than 10 minutes per day and I try to do it everyday (6 days per week realistically). 

These two things have kept me going. I'm happy to be a chiropractor in Camarillo that helps people with back pain. 

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