Injury only occurs if you overload what your body can handle. Exercises specific to your spine can increase what you can handle. If you can handle more, you have less chance of injury. It's that simiple. 

Most people will exercise so that they'll look good. However, the muscles that keep your spine healthy are deep and close to the spine. These muscles are in your back. These muscles are not popular to exercise because you can't see them. A common misconception is that if you strengthen your abdominal muscles, then your back will be strong. This is not true. The truth is that strengthening your back muscles will make your back strong. Why have the "6-pack abs" infomercials lied to us? Because "6-pack abs" styles of workouts sell. The research is clear: developing strong back muscles that can contract for long periods of time are the best exercises for your back, not abdominal exercises.

I have been a chiropractor for over 20 years and I teach patients a combination of McKenzie, Stuart McGill, and Foundation-style exercises to strengthen the back muscles. These have been proven to give the best results.


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