Exercise is very important and he helps your alignment. We use 2-3 forms of rehab that we have found over 20 years works wonders for patients.

McKenzie protocols work extremely well when a patient is in acute pain.

Stuart McGill's exercise program works extremely well when patients are starting to feel better and we can begin the process of teaching patients how to get stronger and stop re-injuring themselves.

Foundation training is a new program that is for the more advanced patient. This emphasizes strengthening the entire backside of the body with isometric contractions. We have found that this has done wonders for people with chronic lower back pain.

Exercises in general are great for you, however these same exercises can cause further harm if your body isn't prepared. A good example would be if a patient has a rotator cuff tear in their shoulder and decides to begin a program of bench presses. While bench presses are a safe exercise, in this particular situation, they would be considered a bad exercise. Bench pressing would lead to further tears of the shoulder and lead to surgery.

Our job as a chiropractor in Camarillo is to make sure that you are aware of what exercises would be safe and what exercises you should avoid.


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