Why choose a chiropractor in Camarillo?

It’s important to seek out a reputable Camarillo chiropractor. We utilize chiropractic to help with lower back pain, neck pain, pinched nerves, and shoulder pain. Your pain may be caused from  playing sports, you may have been in a car accident or just feel the wear and tear of everyday life. If that’s the case, chiropractic treatment can help you feels much better.

Why choose a chiropractor?

Chronic Pain

If you have chronic pain, which is pain that persists for months or even years, then it is unlikely that extended medication is going to help. For things like back pain, shoulder pain, rotator cuff injuries, knee pain and migraine headaches, the best long term solution is to treat the cause of the problem rather than the symptoms only. Here in Camarillo, our chiropractic office can ease your chronic pain.

Chiropractor’s help by utilizing muscle therapies, spinal adjustments (we use non-force adjustments) and exercises to help. I’ve been in practice for over 20 years in Camarillo, CA and have had great results with these methods.

Acute Pain

Acute pain can become chronic pain if not handled appropriately. Our goal in our Camarillo chiropractic office is to avoid your acute pain from becoming chronic pain. We take your back pain, shoulder pain, rotator cuff injuries, knee pain and migraine headaches very seriously.

Look up on Yelp and Google. You’ll see we have an excellent reputation in Camarillo.

As you speak with the chiropractor, you’ll also be able to get a feel for who they are, and if they are a good fit for you. If you feel comfortable throughout the process and encouraged that your pain will be reduced, you’re at the right place.

At Adam Story, Chiropractic Corp our team is here to help answer your questions.  Please feel free to contact us today. (805) 389-0325