Sitting too much
December 12, 2016
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People are sitting way too much in Camarillo. We used to have to be active, but now we just sit on our smart phones all day.  There are certain muscles, namely the psoas, rectus femoris and hamstrings that become chronically tight that can cause back pain.

Stop sitting so much

I treat a lot of people in Camarillo, CA as a chiropractor. Many people have the root cause of their back pain from the previously mentioned muscles.  As a chiropractor, I will often recommend stretching these muscles frequently and doing adjustments to alter the alignment so that there is less stress on these muscles. 

Trigger point therapy works well for people that sit for long periods. So does myofascial release. 

There was one recent comment by a patient where she stated that sitting is to the spine like smoking is to the lungs. I liked that analogy. 

What if you HAVE to sit. 

Take breaks. Every half hour try to stand up and stretch. Also, you can sit forward on your chair. Try to get your knees lower than your hips and you'll find that you almost instantly sit up straighter. 


Those are my suggestions as a chiropractor in Camarillo