Shoulder Pain - Chiropractors in Camarillo

Here in Camarillo, I see a lot of shoulder pain. 

As a chiropractor in Camarillo, shoulder pain is probably the second most common problem I see. The first would be back pain. Here are some tips on AVOIDING shoulder pain.

1. Everyday, rotate your shoulders so that they get a full range of motion. Most of what I see is shoulder stiffness that developed over a long period of time that eventually got back enough for a person to see a doctor. Use it or lose it.

2. Avoid dangerous exercises. I think dips, kipping pull ups, bench press with a wide grip, and push ups with a wide grip (P90x, internet-based stuff, crossfit) are a bad idea. I just see too many injuries from them. I know your coach is wonderful and it's all about scaling or programming, but after you've seen a ton of injuries from it, you might question it too. 

3. Strengthen the rotator cuff. These are the little muscles that seem to hold the shoulder in great position. The stronger they are, the stronger your shoulder will be.

I am available to show you these exercises in my office in Camarillo.