Misleading advertising?
November 17, 2016
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I think it's silly that chiropractors call themselves an "institute" or name their business something that is misleading. Calling yourself "The disc center institute" gives people the wrong impression and is misleading. 

When you see a "Center for Infectious Healing Institute" would you be angry to find that no one that works there is in the medical field?

I would.

I feel that chiropractors should stick to being chiropractors. 

Here in Camarillo, in particular, there are chiropractors that are renaming their businesses to be misleading on purpose...to hide the fact that they are chiropractors and to attract business. This I believe is wrong. 

I've been in chiropractic practice here in Camarillo for over 20 years. I am not "anti-medical" and believe that there are times when we need medical doctors. There are times that they can save lives. Doctor's of Chiropractic can't fix everything. 

There is a great power in changing the alignment of our body: we feel better, our body functions better because of improved neurological control, we have less pain, we reduce stress on our muscles and joints. We help you improve your nutrition. We show you how to exercise to avoid injuring yourself further. Many health conditions go away when you do these things. 

However...it must be understood that I am a chiropractor applying chiropractic science to the body. I should not be allowed to make you think that you are seeing a different practitioner when you are not. 

If you don't know what type of doctor you are seeing when you see the name of the doctor, go somewhere else.