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Posts for: October, 2017

I love living in Camarillo. I love working in Camarillo. We've lived here over 23 years and while there have been some massive changes, it's still awesome. Here's why:

1. The change from State Mental hospital to college was a good change. Unfortunately, many in Camarillo lost their jobs. But other jobs opened up. It also brought a younger crowd to Camarillo. 

2. The cycling is awesome. I'll go out and ride and people are much more respectful than where I used to live (San Fernando Valley and Whittier). 

3. The weather is always super nice. 

4. Even the worst schools are better than the best schools where I used to live. 

5. Very little crime.

6. Camarillo has lots of tiny events that are community specific which are fun. 

7. Traffic in Camarillo is very small. I am always surprised when I go to LA or Glendale/Burbank how many people are in those places and how parking is impossible. Camarillo doesn't have that.

8. It has the best chiropractor in Camarillo! Guess who?