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Yesterday was one of my favorite races, Tour of Flanders. Afterwards, my brain started working and I thought, "how does any cyclist do this without the help of a chiropractor?"

The answer is that they don't.

In fact, they have teams of doctors that help them. While chiropractic is primarily an American "thang" meaning that the majority of chiropractors are in America, there are chiropractors all over the world. There are still countries that are discovering this profession and still unsure about the benefits. Time will change that.

Watching Peter Sagan land on the cobblestones at full gas was a sight. This happens at EVERY race. Amazing.

I remember as a child racing BMX and crashing WEEKLY. It kind of became no big thing. I remember someone telling me that if you don't crash once in a while while going into a turn, then you're not pushing the limits hard enough. That's how you learned the went over them so that next time you knew to back off. I was a continously healing road (dirt) rash from 10-15 years old.

As a chiropractor that treats sports injuries though...that sounds insane to me...but I understand it.

Maybe that's what made me become a chiropractor. By the time I was 15, I was damaged goods. Chiropractic put me back together again and I felt like I was as good as new (that's the advantage of treating young people).

Anyways, I'm hoping Peter Sagan wins next week at Paris-Roubaix as revenge. Actually, I really hope Tom wins and Peter gets second, but then eats a bunch of gummy bears to make all the nutritionists mad.