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Runner’s Knee and Camarillo

I see people running in the bike lane all the time. While the pavement is softer than the concrete of the side walk, the problem is that the street is angled to manage water run-off. Your knee that takes a beating will be the one on the high side of the angle. When I explain this to patients, they often remark, “yeah, but I run both ways, so doesn’t that balance it out?”  The answer is no. You just end up punishing both knees.

Runner's knee affects younger, recreational runners and double the number of women as men, according to the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Why? Well, women tend to have wider hips, resulting in a greater angling of the knee inwards. This combined with running on angled tarmac is a recipe for pain.

Many people are also overweight or have weak arches in their feet. Some people are just deconditioned meaning their muscles are so weak from lack of use that there is no muscular support of the kneecap. This can cause pain in the knee that feels exactly like runner’s knee, without the patient ever running.

Over time if the cartilage in the knee becomes excessively damaged, a total knee replacement is necessary. To try to avoid this, many people in Camarillo will want me as a chiropractor to alter all the biomechanical alignment issues. This often will reduce the strain on the kneecap.  

Chiropractic Prevention and Treatment of Runner’s Knee

If you are a runner, I recommend to run on softer surfaces. Have a running coach assist you in learning to run with good biomechanics. If you are increasing your mileage, increase it very slowly. As a chiropractor in Camarillo, I have seen many patients too eager to increase their mileage and only end up injured. Allow us to make all alignment changes in your body so that you can absorb forces better.

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Anything you do repetitively, you'll get better at. Daily practice makes you better.

That's why I recommend that you rotate your spinal joints on a daily basis. The joints and discs require motion to get their nutrients. If you live in Camarillo and have a desk job, this is even more important. Try to take breaks every hour and stretch your body. It's good for you in the long run.