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It seems that every patient that I see in Camarillo feels that stretching is important. Stretching can be beneficial for some people, but you may be surprised to find that for a lot of people, it’s a waste of time.

I’ve been a chiropractor for over 20 years and have seen countless number of patients improve with stretching, but others that don’t. Why?

You know the benefits of stretching, but when should you NOT stretch?

Your muscles may not be tight…they may be lacking strength. When you overload what a muscle can handle (you do too much), the muscle reacts by maintaining a higher tone. When this happens, it feels “tight.” Stretching it seems to further aggravate these problems.

Here’s a good example. I had a patient here in Camarillo that had chronic piriformis syndrome. He had been stretching it constantly. Clearly, by the time he entered our chiropractic office, it wasn’t getting better. We tried something different: we strengthened his piriformis in order to allow it to handle more load during his daily life.

Within 3 weeks, his chronic piriformis syndrome was gone. He was so happy. At Adam Story Chiropractic Corp, we see this time and time again. So if stretching doesn’t seem to be solving the problem for you, maybe it’s worth looking into strengthening the muscle instead.

How will I know if it works?

I don’t believe that it takes very long to know if something works or not. In the example above, it took 3 weeks. Any program that is not resulting in some improvement within 6 weeks should be questioned.

Chiropractic specialties and stretching

As a chiropractor in Camarillo, I know when stretching seems to work and when it doesn’t. However, sometimes it’s figured out in a trial-and-error method. Since most of my patients in Camarillo have already tried stretching, and if we know it isn’t working, it’s always worth switching gears and strengthened the area.

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