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I love living in Camarillo. I love working in Camarillo. We've lived here over 23 years and while there have been some massive changes, it's still awesome. Here's why:

1. The change from State Mental hospital to college was a good change. Unfortunately, many in Camarillo lost their jobs. But other jobs opened up. It also brought a younger crowd to Camarillo. 

2. The cycling is awesome. I'll go out and ride and people are much more respectful than where I used to live (San Fernando Valley and Whittier). 

3. The weather is always super nice. 

4. Even the worst schools are better than the best schools where I used to live. 

5. Very little crime.

6. Camarillo has lots of tiny events that are community specific which are fun. 

7. Traffic in Camarillo is very small. I am always surprised when I go to LA or Glendale/Burbank how many people are in those places and how parking is impossible. Camarillo doesn't have that.

8. It has the best chiropractor in Camarillo! Guess who?


Here's our first video:

We are a chiropractic office in Camarillo, CA. We will have future videos regarding core training. Go to our youtube channel to learn more. 

June 26, 2017
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Here's our video on Tennis Elbow. It also helps Tendonitis and Tendonosis.

June 26, 2017
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If you sit all day, that's bad for your back. You know that but what can you do about it? You have to work, right?

Here's a simple procedure that can help you.

I've been a chiropractor in Camarillo, CA for over 22 years now. I've found this move to be very beneficial for patients that have sit down jobs. 

Here's a link to the youtube video:

Here's our new video regarding lowering your blood pressure naturally without drugs and it takes only a couple minutes to do. Do it daily. You don't want a stroke or heart attack. I'm a chiropractor in Camarillo, CA and I specialize in natural healthcare.

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