A subluxation is a medical term for a misalignment. When you hear the word "subluxation" think "misalignment."  Most of what we do as a chiropractor in Camarillo is deal with misalignments of the joints. What people don't usually think of however is that misalignments can occur at any of our joints. We not only adjust the spine, but can do adjustments to the feet, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and hands. 

A common occurance is to have a misalignment of a bone in the foot which causes a falling of the arch. When the arch is reduced, it causes a rotation of the leg which can further aggravate your lower back. Repeated adjustments of the lower back with NEVER stabilize until the foot is adjusted. This is an example of how adjusting the foot can help lower back pain. 

Misalignments are common in our society because of our constant sitting and inactivity. We sit at breakfast, lunch and dinner. We sit at work. We sit in our cars. We sit while watching TV. We sit at the movies. We sit at the computer. This causes postural changes that create chronic misalignments. The best defense against this is to stand up and stretch frequently throughout the day.

Trauma can cause misalignments as well. In our practice in Camarillo, we have found that 10% of all misalignments are caused from trauma (falls, accidents, injuries) whereas 90% of the misalignments are chronic.

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