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Choosing a chiropractor in Camarillo can be difficult. There are many techniques practiced in chiropractic and each chiropractor may have a different approach to patient care.  It’s important to know about the doctor you are consulting as your health is your most precious asset. If you have any further questions our chiropractic team at Adam Story, Chiropractic Corp is here to help.

Most people think that a chiropractor in Camarillo will crack the bones, but that is surprisingly not necessary. Firstly, our goal is to improve your health by helping the body’s natural process of healing.

Chiropractors in Camarillo

All chiropractors work with the nervous system and the influence it has on musculoskeletal health. Doctors of chiropractic are trained to diagnose and treat injuries and disorders that involve the nervous system, muscles and bones. Chiropractors in Camarillo work directly on the spine because that is where the nerves exit out of the spinal cord and travel to all muscles, joints, and tissues of the body. By removing irritation from the nerves, your body has a better chance to improve and reduce pain.

Just like any doctor visit, new patients will undergo a consultation that involves reviewing past and current health conditions, medications and surgeries as well as a physical examination. Patients think that it is common to take x-rays in order to further establish the cause of pain, but this is not true. We seldom have to x-ray a patient in Camarillo because a thorough examination often reveals the areas of stress. Only if it is absolutely necessary, should a chiropractor x-ray a patient. We then will create an individualized treatment plan.

Chiropractic care is not just for back pain. Many people in Camarillo suffer from knee pain, whiplash, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and tendonitis/tendinosis. Chiropractic care is a superior choice for those types of problems. At Adam Story, Chiropractic Corp , we have an excellent track record of helping people with these problems.

How we help people in Camarillo, CA

Adam Story, DC has developed a method to alter muscle tension, improve posture, and reduce pain.


  1. Neurologically stimulate the joints while you actively contract the muscles. What you feel are 12-18 light taps on the joints while going through active range of motion and using your own muscles. The body adjusts to this new activity and in a way, the patients’ own muscles do the adjusting. As you adapt to these motions, you should feel less pain. This is different than the standard adjusting because as we age into our 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, our joints have a harder time responding to the older style of adjusting.
  1. Muscular therapy directed while you move. The therapy is active and different than that of massage. This releases tension in the muscle and fascia allowing renewed functional changes you can feel.
  1. Altering exercises. Many exercises we learned as children have been blamed for degenerative and herniated discs in the spine. These include sit-ups, crunches, leg lifts, bench presses and back machines in the gym. Instead, we promote stabilization exercises like McGill curl ups, planks (front and to the side), and bird-dogs.

Patients in Camarillo can also enjoy preventative treatment if they like. Chiropractic  is helpful for uncovering biomechanical faults that lead to injury. Chiropractic adjustments align the joints and decrease stress on the muscles, tendons and ligaments and this is how preventative care works. We can also recommend certain stretches and exercises that can keep you healthy. This can decrease the need for medication and future surgery. Find out how chiropractic can benefit you. Call us today. Our team at Adam Story, Chiropractic in Camarillo is here for you.

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